Smt. Tukuni Sahu

Hon'ble Minister W&CD and MS

Shri Bhaskar Joyti Sharma, IAS


Smt.Sujata R Karthikeyan,IAS

Commissioner-cum-Director, MS

Shri Aravind Agrawal ,IAS

Director ICDS & SW

We exist to ensure Every Child is Safe and Secure

Odisha State Child Protection Society (OSCPS) is the technical, fundamental and functional unit of Department of Women & Child Development and Mission Shakti, Government of Odisha, for implementation of Child Protection Services (CPS).

We work to ensure the realization of children's rights to grow up in a family environment, protected from violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect. Anger and shock at child sexual abuse are not enough. We all need to come together to end violence against children.


Manage your time, make things more oraganized.


A One-Stop Solution To Solve Your Multi-system Problems

A click bring forward combined records to generate reports at various level in very less time which help authorities to process out requests from transactional data.

Easy to access and making speedy decisions.

A single window system which initiate the process of Registration of new institutions and children's, Generate Quarterly and Monthly reports to Track progress at district and State level through Internet.

Easy to Manage Your All Data by This Application

A Revolutionary automating transaction system relating to monitor the performance of child protection services at Institution, District and State level.

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View the important tasks on your dashboard, will lead to new ways of working. And help during last minute rushes.

Easy User Interface

It provides a "user-friendly" experience, allowing you to interact with the software in a natural and intuitive way.

Quick Access

Check your data and get the reports in quick time.

Transparency is the mainstay of effective administration and Computerization will help build credibility of the Department before the public.”